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What Can You Expect From Spousal Support?

Divorces involving high-income earners can be complicated, and there are many complex issues to address throughout the process. Deciding the amount of spousal support payments can be one of the most difficult issues to address.

At Jenkins P.C., we understand the stress involved in the divorce process and are committed to helping you navigate every aspect of it, including the issue of spousal support. We take pride in providing all of our clients with high-quality representation designed to advance their specific needs and goals.

The Calculation Of Spousal Support

Spousal support, often referred to as alimony, is the court-ordered payments the higher-earning spouse must provide to the lesser-earning spouse pending or after the divorce.

Pending the divorce, the payments are meant to aid the lesser-earning spouse in maintaining the status quo. After the divorce, the payments are meant to aid in maintaining the marital standard of living that the parties were accustomed to during the marriage.

The calculation of spousal support is tailored to the lesser-earning spouse's needs and the higher-earning spouse's ability to pay. Visit our FAQ page to learn more about the factors used to calculate spousal support in San Diego.

Fast Facts About Spousal Support

In California, there are two types of spousal support:

  • Temporary spousal support is paid before the finalization of the divorce. It allows both spouses to maintain the status quo during the divorce proceedings.
  • Permanent spousal support is the final support order and allows the spouse to maintain the marital standard of living after the dissolution is final.

However, permanent spousal support does not require endless payments. If the marriage lasted less than 10 years, the party paying support will generally only have to do so for half the length of the marriage. If the marriage lasted longer than 10 years, the court may order a longer duration for payments.

Under California law, alimony automatically ends upon the death or remarriage of the supported party. There are also options to modify spousal support agreements as your financial circumstances change.

Efficient And Dedicated Guidance

Jenkins P.C., is committed to providing San Diego residents with capable legal representation through every stage of their divorce. We will protect your rights and address any concerns you may have.

You should not have to feel overwhelmed by the small details of divorce. Our knowledgeable and reliable lawyer will handle these matters so you can focus on regaining your footing after a divorce.

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