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Going through a divorce is never easy. The process can become even more complicated when issues of asset division enter the equation, especially when a couple has accumulated significant assets.

Attorney Erik Jenkins is highly experienced and knows that property division on top of a complex divorce can be exhausting and tedious. We will meticulously assess the nuances of your situation and inform you of all your legal rights and options.

The Basics Of Dividing Property

A large part of the challenge in property division is identifying all the income, assets and debts that make up the marital estate. This can be difficult, as there are many classifications for property, such as:

Quasi-community property: Assets owned in another state or country, such as a vacation home or second residence, before the divorcing spouses moved to California. The same rules of community property usually pertain to quasi-community property.

Separate property: Assets acquired before marriage, including by inheritance, gifts or devise. Generally, the spouse who owns any asset with this classification keeps it when the marriage ends.

Community property: Most property acquired during marriage and not from a separate property source is classified as community property and divided equally between the spouses during a divorce. Community property often includes:

  • Income
  • Pension plans
  • Retirement benefits
  • Land or homes
  • Automobiles or boats
  • Businesses
  • Investments or stocks
  • Other personal property

The classification determines how the assets are divided at the time of the divorce. Therefore, it is important that spouses list and value each item they own in a marriage settlement agreement. Failure to properly disclose each asset and its value can have serious and adverse consequences.

Knowledgeable Attorneys Working For You

Working with an attorney who can help you classify, document and divide your property accurately and efficiently can help avoid setbacks. At Jenkins P.C., we will protect your rights and provide you with honest counsel through the process of divorce and the complex division of your assets.

We are committed to resolving your property division issue as quickly as possible, so you can move on to the next stage in your life.

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