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Advantages Of Out-Of-Court Resolutions

The process of divorce can be long and trying with its many intricacies. It can become even more complicated when the parties are unable to resolve issues and wind up in court. However, there is an alternative to litigation through mediation.

Our attorneys at Jenkins P.C. are skilled in mediation and negotiating on the behalf of our clients. We believe communication is extremely important to maintain between clients and attorneys, so we strive to use efficient and peaceful communication to overcome the stress of divorce as well. This is often better for any children involved and can also provide strategies for the couple to constructively move forward after the divorce.

What Are The Advantages Of Mediation?

Some advantages of mediation include:

More self-determination: You know your family better than any judge. Mediation allows you to find solutions that fit your family's situation rather than leaving the outcome up to the judge.

Cost-effective: Going to court is generally more expensive than mediation.

Shorter time: Mediation may be less time-consuming, as it does not involve numerous hearings and court dates. The schedule is also much more flexible than formal court proceedings.

Confidentiality: Divorce proceedings and records are usually public, but you can find more privacy through mediation. Even sealed court documents can be unsealed at a later date. Mediation is confidential pursuant to the California Evidence Code.

If you decide to go through with mediation and settle the case, the parties must write and sign an agreement to make it legally binding. This allows California courts to adopt the agreement in place of litigation.

Reaching A Fair Resolution

Circumstances are different for every divorce. Some may benefit from seeking a resolution in the courtroom, others may find that mediation best suits their interests. No matter the specific process, the lawyers at Jenkins P.C. are prepared to advocate for you, so you can move forward with your life and put your divorce behind you.

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