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Undergoing a complex divorce is one of the most stressful experiences a person can go through. It can become even more so if the divorce proceedings demand litigation. Although it is rare that family law issues are always in court, high-asset divorces often require the sharp attention to detail that comes through the formal court process.

Attorney Erik Jenkins is committed to protecting your rights no matter the process of your divorce. He will thoroughly analyze the specifics of your case to best decide the next steps moving forward, and we always align our strategies with your and your family's best interests.

The Process Of Dissolving A Marriage In San Diego Courts

Family Resolution Conferences are generally the first step of formal divorce court proceedings, where the respective spouses' lawyers summarize the issues at hand for the judge. These formal hearings generally happen a couple times a year to keep the court up to date on the case.

After the first family resolution conference, as the issues unfold, generally one party files a motion at which point a hearing will be set before the judge presiding over the case. If the parties cannot resolve the issue pending before the court, the parties and their respective attorneys will appear and argue the case.

Once the case has been pending and discovery has been conducted, the court, at a certain point, will require the parties to attend a Mandatory Settlement Conference where the attorneys and a judge or volunteer lawyer will attempt to resolve the issues in the case through mediation. However, if a resolution is not possible at the Mandatory Settlement Conference, there are two courses a divorce can take through court:

  • Uncontested proceeding: Both spouses later agree through continued mediation or between themselves to the terms of a full agreement. The divorce is then finalized through paperwork and a few additional hearings.
  • Contested trial: The parties cannot agree to terms of the divorce. This course often results from high tension and conflict divorces, and the divorce proceeds to trial. These trials involve evidence and witness testimony.

Trials can be long and tedious. There are often multiple hearings aside from the trial that work out specific details, such as child custody or support. All this on top of the already cumbersome process of divorce can leave you feeling exhausted and drained. Jenkins P.C. is here to help. We tirelessly advocate for our clients.

An Experienced Courtroom Attorney Fighting For You

Attorney Erik Jenkins always works to settle a divorce through negotiations or mediation. However, we are always prepared to provide you with diligent representation and guidance when taking your matters to court. We understand that this is a difficult time for you and your family, and we promise to handle your case with professionalism and respect.

Representing You Through The Trials Of Divorce

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