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How Much Is Your Business Worth?

Divorces involving large financial assets often include determining the value of a business or the value of an interest in a business. This is a common and challenging matter for our venture capitalist clients in the San Diego, La Jolla and North County areas.

Nevertheless, our team at Jenkins P.C., has considerable experience working with businesses of all sizes and valuing our clients' interests in those businesses. We are dedicated to finding fair solutions for everyone involved.

The Basics Of Business Valuations

There are a number of ways to value a business in divorce. Some of those ways include:

  • Asset valuation
  • Fair market value
  • Capitalized earnings

Businesses are generally valued by experts, but you need a good attorney on your side to analyze the business valuation and advise you regarding the method used and the outcome of the valuation.

Like any other property divided in a divorce, it is important to determine each spouse's interest in the business to ascertain whether the company or professional practice is community or separate property.

In California, absent a premarital agreement, if the business started during marriage with joint funds, it is community property and will need to be valued to determine the amount. If the business started prior to the marriage or with separate property, it belongs to the spouse who started it. However, businesses are unique in that some separate property businesses have community property components that then create community interest in the enterprise.

Protecting Your Investments

Valuing a business accurately can be one of the most crucial elements of complex divorce proceedings because of the long-term consequences it will have on your economic situation. Given the complexity of company valuation, we carefully examine every aspect of your case. We also work closely with CPAs, accountants and experts who offer important insights.

We always put our clients first, working for them so that they can focus on their family and business priorities.

Providing You With Reliable Counsel

Jenkins P.C. is committed to protecting your rights and your business interests. Call 858-314-2400 or visit our La Jolla offices for an initial consultation with a lawyer. You can also schedule an appointment online.

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